Caciotta di Bufala Kg. 1

The Caciotta di Bufala is made from bufala milk, buffalo milk enzymes, rennet and salt. It 'a cheese innovative, stands out for its delicate taste and pleasant aftertaste typical of the slightly acidic bufala milk.

Semi-cooked cheese obtained by coagulating milk at a temperature of 35 ° C with liquid rennet. After the breaking of the curd, the whey is removed and the mass is formed. Salting is carried out dry. The cheese, in a suitable mold, undergoes a characteristic technique with manual pressing.

It matures in 20 days, in the cellar, where the forms are cleaned prior to curing. Cylindrical shape, the white crust, the compact white paste (depending on outside temperature, can be spongy in summer and very cold winter lasts), strong and distinctive taste, is a treat for all gourmets.

It is sold in pieces of Kg. 1

Single Piece € 17,99
Offer 3 Pieces € 51,48

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