Craft Beer Karma Centesimale 75 Cl

Brand: Birrificio Karma

Ean: 0643845851040

Alcohol volume: 7.5%
Formats: 75 cl.
Serving temperature: 8-10 °
Availability: October to March

Water, malted barley, cooked must of grapes pallagrello, Annurca apple, sugar cane from the circuit Fair, hops and yeast.

Celebratory beer, produced in a traditional way of high fermentation, characterized by the originality of the ingredients unusual, closely linked to the territory as the cooked must of pallagrello and Winter Apple. Unfiltered, not pasteurized and fermented in the bottle, as natural sediment.

• Tagliuozzi sauce mixed with meat white cow Caialifana
• Black Pig of the Matese Caserta and mutton laticauda
• Cavatelli with pork cheek black Caserta
• Tomatoes piennolo
• Rocket and provolone
• Cured pork, sausage, brawn, bacon black Caserta
• Pizza Conciato (crushed pepper, lard and seasoned Roman slow food)
• Franco Pepe (pepper pizza)

Supplier: Birrificio Karma

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Single Piece € 10,51
Package 6 Pieces € 59,17

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