Craft Beer Karma "Roxy" 75 Cl

Brand: Birrificio Karma

Ean: 8052745771075

Alcohol volume: 3.5%
Formats: 75 cl.
Serving temperature: 6-8 °
Availability: April to September

water, malted barley, wheat and unmalted barley, oatmeal, brown sugar from the circuit Fair, hops, yeast and spices.

Beer made ​​from a mixture of malted barley, oat flakes, wheat and unmalted barley from local farmers, flavored by adding coriander, rose buds and pink pepper. Hopping is slight. Lightweight low-alcohol, soft and refreshing with a dry and gently spicy. Unfiltered, not pasteurized and fermented in the bottle, as natural sediment.

• Oysters with fennel
• Mussels in tempura
• Carpaccio of red mullet with lime
• Bucatini with Mediterranean flavors
• Peppery mussels or mussels au gratin
• Paccheri baked with prawns and asparagus
• Carpaccio of beef with crispy vegetables
• Sausage cod, fried green beans and sweet garlic mayonnaise
• made ​​spaghetti with meat sauce Cilento and lemon pesto
• Pizza Marinara

Supplier: Birrificio Karma

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Single Piece € 9,90
Package 6 Pieces € 58,56

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