Flour Belfritto Kg. 5 - Molino Quaglia


The Deep-fried flour, Food Court, of Molino Quaglia, allows to fry any salty and sweet food, valuing the culture of Italian-style fried.

• The Deep-fried flour is the absolute novelty for the Italian restaurant market. Obtained by grinding grains of fine Italian and American, has been designed and developed to enhance the fried food and to guarantee excellent product failed.

• Due to its characteristics of low moisture content, and gelatinized starch, contained in its natural composition, Deep-fried flour allows you to taste the fried food in its fullness of flavor, enhancing the crispness.

• The Fried flour with ease and always adheres to the food to be fried avoiding an unnecessary absorption of oil, maintaining the crispness of the fried product in time, even if regenerated.

• The use of Deep-fried flour will allow the operator of the field preparzione fried products of high quality and taste.

The BelFritto flour of Molino Quaglia is:
• useful for any fried
• suitable for all foods
• required to absorb less oil
• indispensable for crisp frying
• fundamental for a light and digestible frying
• advantageous for those who are afraid of not being able to run a good fried

Single Piece € 16,50
Offer 3 pieces € 47,30

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