Italian Meats

In Italy there are many types of meats linked to different cultures and traditions and that are created using very different cuts of meat and following old recipes of centuries. There are cured meats and sausages, raw and cooked salami, smoked and not smoked. Among such a variety of products it is almost difficult to choose, given the enormous quantity of excellent salamis of which our Bel Paese is homeland and producer. The fact is that whatever product you choose we are able to deliver it to you, in Italy or abroad

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Traditional Trippa Montana
Traditional Trippa Montana The tripe Montana is a dish of tradition, simple but rich in taste, light and fast to prepare. From today 100% from Italian herds. INGREDIENTS: Stuffed tripe (40% equivalent to 250g of raw tripe), water,... Single Piece € 3,30 Carton 12 Pieces € 36,30
Nduja di Spilinga Gr. 300
Nduja di Spilinga Gr. 300 The Nduja Calabrese is the most important among all the Calabrian typical products for excellence and is known throughout the world for its spiciness and for being a meat atypical, as not to be sliced... Single Piece € 9,35 Offer 3 pieces € 26,40
Guanciale Kg. 1 circa
Guanciale Kg. 1 circa Guanciale - Guanciale is spiced with pepper. After a seasoning process, it becomes a tasty and sweet salami. It is ideal if served with toasted or warm bread. Piece Kg. 1 about Single Piece € 15,40 Offer 5 pieces € 71,50
Chianina meat sauce 800Gr.
Chianina meat sauce 800Gr. Ragù made with Chianina meat Ingredients: Chianina meat (52%), sunflower oil, water, red wine (6%), carrots, onions, double tomato concentrate, celery, rice starch, salt, broth preparation (salt,... Single Piece € 19,80 Box 6 Pieces € 115,50
Lardo di Colonnata IGP 700 Gr. Approx
Lardo di Colonnata IGP 700 Gr. Approx The Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P. it is the emblem of simplicity that becomes excellence. Deeply rooted in the poor gastronomic tradition of its area of production, the Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P. today it boasts... Single Piece € 24,20 Offer Kg. 1,5 € 46,20
Spianata Kg. 1,7
Spianata Kg. 1,7 SPIANATA The typical salami crushed and slightly curved. It is a typical salami of Lazio, also called raw mortadella. Only the finest lean meats of Italian pig are finely minced and mixed with lardons... Single Piece € 27,50 Offer 3 Pieces € 79,20
Speck Kg.2,5 about
Speck Kg.2,5 about Speck - Speck comes from pork thigh. It is salted and smoked. Piece Kg. 2,5 about Single Piece € 41,80 Offer 5 pieces € 187,00
Salame type Milano Kg. 3.5
Salame type Milano Kg. 3.5 Salame Milano - Salame Milano is made of the best italian pork meats finely minced. It is packed into big casing taking a circle shape. Piece Kg. 3,5 Single Piece € 55,00 Offer 5 pieces € 242,00
Lard Kg. 3,5 about
Lard Kg. 3,5 about Lard - lard is spiced and put in specific trays. After a period of salting, it is vacuum packed . It can be served on toasted or warm bread. Piece Kg. 3,5 about Single Piece € 55,00 Offer 5 pieces € 242,00
King's Granspeck
King's Granspeck KING's high rump grilled GranSpeck is obtained from selected pork meat, according to an ancient and exclusive Venetian recipe. The hot smoking and prolonged aging enhance the aroma of spices, giving... Single Piece € 94,60 Offer 3 pieces € 264,00
King Pitted Raw Ham
King Pitted Raw Ham King Pitted Raw Ham Whole without stuccoed bone Seasoning: 6+ months Weight: 5.8 / 6.8 + Kg INGREDIENTS: Leg of pork, salt, sugar and pepper Preservatives: Sodium Nitrite and Potassium Nitrate... Single Piece € 118,99 Offer 3 pieces € 319,00
Ham with bone Kg. 10 about
Ham with bone Kg. 10 about Ham with bone - Rosotta seasoned ham comes from the best pork thighs. Ham is seasoned from 16 to 18 months. Piece Kg. 10 about Single Piece € 165,00 Offer 3 pieces € 462,00