Luppolo Amaro Karma 70 Cl

Brand: Birra Karma

Ean: 0643845853334

Type: Hop Infusion
Provenance hops: American, Belgian and German
Tasting: cold 3 ° C.
Alcohol content: 28% Vol. 70 cl
Color: dark brown
Bouquet: intense, balanced, aromatic with strong hops notes
Taste: pleasant taste, refined, slightly sweet and aromatic with a pleasant aftertaste of notable personalities also confirmed by the long and pleasant persistence.
Refinement: 1 month

sugar, glucose syrup, hops infused with the aromas. E150b

Three qualities of the best German hops, Americans and Belgians join their generous notes of unmistakable fragrance in a hop infused with a unique flavor and delicate.
"The Hops Amaro" unique of its kind is a great end of the meal, very versatile to be consumed with moderation and conviviality. Excellent tasted cold.
Hops were macerated for about 30 days in excellent alcohol. After the filtration followed by a period of settling. The infusion obtained is mixed with pure water of Mount Matese, tropical brown sugar and a secret blend of herbs.
Are hops with their properties intact to donate to "The Bitter Hops" its unique taste.

Supplier: Birra Karma

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Single Piece € 32,94
Offer 3 pieces € 93,94

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