Neapolitan Pastiera Kit GRANO CHIRICO

Brand: Grano Chirico

Ean: 0795152995808

Neapolitan Pastiera Kit

All you need for the preparation of the famous and timeless Neapolitan Pastiera.
You only need to add fresh products and follow the well-highlighted recipe on the Grano Chirico label.

Package Content:
- Cubes of Candied Orange 100Gr.
- Cubes of candied citron 100 Gr.
- 2 Chirico Cooked Wheat Milk 420 Gr.
- Cinnamon Powder 20 Gr.
- Aroma Fior di Arancia (3x2ml)
- Aroma Millefiori (3x2ml)
- Pure Vanillin (3x0.5Gr.)

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Offer 3 KIT € 37,82
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