Panettone and Christmas sweets

High quality artisan panettone combined with the classic Neapolitan desserts famous all over the world.

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Vials Fiori D'Arancio 4x10ml
Vials Fiori D'Arancio 4x10ml ingredients Propylene glycol, natural flavors Excellent for use in desserts. Mostly used during Easter for the Neapolitan pastries Single Piece € 3,98 Cardboard 24 Pieces 4x10ml € 73,20
Millefiori vials 4 x 10 ml
Millefiori vials 4 x 10 ml Aroma millefiori, each vial and 'sufficient for the preparation of a pastiera of 2 kg. Pack with four 10 ml vials millefiori ingredients: Gricole Propylene, natural flavorings Single Piece € 3,98 Cardboard 24 Pieces 4x10ml € 73,20
Dried plums
Dried plums Prunes are a tasty and healthy snack, as well as an ingredient for appetizing and original recipes. First quality plums, which remain soft and luscious thanks to the special pasteurization process.... Single Piece € 4,47 Box 12 Pieces € 52,00
Dates Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, figs, apricots and dates have always been the symbol of Christmas holidays; they can never be missing on the table. In short, along with mandarins, pandoro and panettone are... Single Piece € 4,68 Box 12 Pieces € 53,04
Neapolitan Pastiera Cylinder "Chirico" + Free baking tray
Neapolitan Pastiera Cylinder "Chirico" + Free baking tray Great News: "Chirico" Neapolitan Pastry Cylinder The cylinder with ingredients dosed for the Neapolitan Pastiera. Cylinder containing ingredients for the realization of the classic cake Neapolitan,... Single Piece € 6,10 Offer 4 Pieces € 23,42
Dried figs
Dried figs Cultivated in hilly areas, harvested at the right point of ripeness and left to dry naturally in the sun, to bring the excellent quality of figs to your table. Tradition, experience and careful selection... Single Piece € 7,90 Box 12 Pieces € 91,52
Dried apricots
Dried apricots Dehydrated apricots maintain the taste and freshness of the original fruit without altering its taste! The dried apricot contains many minerals: especially potassium, but also phosphorus, magnesium, iron... Single Piece € 8,32 Box 12 Pieces € 96,72
SOFT PASTIERA - CHIRICO - PASTIERA SOFT During the holidays, the son Mario loves to eat pastiera at breakfast. Therefore Annamaria has designed a version in which the love for the simple and good things of the house joins the... Single Piece € 21,01 Offer 2 Cakes € 40,70
WHITE CAPRESE - CHIRICO - CAPRESE WHITE A different way to enjoy the sweet island of Capri: ground almonds, white chocolate and cooked grain ... Chirico, of course! Weight: Gr. 750 weight tolerance + - 5% within 10 days... Single Piece € 21,01 Offer 2 Cakes € 40,70
DARK CAPRESE - CHIRICO - CAPRESE What is lacking in the basic recipe of the cake was born in Capri and loved throughout Italy? A generous helping of cooked grain. In every grain of wheat you can almost make out the island of... Single Piece € 21,01 Offer 2 Cakes € 40,70
NEAPOLITAN PASTIERA - CHIRICO - PASTIERA NAPOLETANA ANNAMARIA CHIRICO True Neapolitan pastries, prepared by Annamaria following the traditional recipe of Lella grandmother. The secret? The three main ingredients that characterize... Single Piece € 24,99 Offer 2 Cakes € 48,40
HAM&CHEESE PASTIERA - CHIRICO - PASTIERA RUSTIC The fragrant smell, and the full-bodied flavor of rustic pie do come immediately to mind salami hanging in Naples Via dei Tribunali. An ancient street food yet modern and easy to consume,... Single Piece € 24,99 Offer 2 Cakes € 48,40