Peeled tomatoes "San Marzano D.O.P." Gr 1000 - Fontanella

Brand: Fontanella

Ean: 8008603101027

The S. Marzano tomato, the “King of tomatoes”, comes directly from the land of San Marzano sul Sarno.
With an elongated and bilobed shape, an intense red color with a yellowish vein, it is the only one that does not shatter during the processing cycle, although it is very delicate for this process, it remains intact in the jar.
Only with the S. Marzano tomato can a peeled tomato of high quality and supreme flavor be obtained.
Key features for the quality of San Marzano are the warm soils of Vesuvius and the environmental conditions favored by the mild climate, due to the proximity of the sea. In the kitchen, it lends itself well to sauces or pizza.
It is also used in all the usual ways, raw and / or in preparations such as bruschetta, pasta, salads, etc.

100% Italy

Whole peeled tomatoes S. Marzano DOP
S. Marzano DOP tomato juice

Gross Weight Gr. 1000
Net weight Gr. 800
Drained weight Gr. 480

Single Piece € 4,57
Box 12 Pieces € 51,48

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