Spices in the Kitchen

The spices are seeds, fruits, roots, bark or vegetable substances used in small quantities from the nutritional point of view as additives to give flavor to a food. Many of these substances have other uses, such as for the preservation of food, medicine, religious rituals, cosmetics or perfumes. For example, turmeric is also used In Ayurveda; licorice has medicinal properties; garlic is used as a vegetable in the kitchen. preparations cooking, capers in salt, oregano

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Capers in Salt 212ml
Capers in Salt 212ml Capers in Salt 212ml Capers in Salt products from Cetara Delfino Battista 200ml ingredients: Capers and salt € 2,00
Aromas for fish
Aromas for fish Flavors for seasoning and flavoring fish dishes ready to use: practical and versatile ingredient with a Mediterranean scent. To best enjoy it, we recommend adding it almost at the end of cooking. All... Single Piece € 2,74 Box 6 Pieces € 15,61
Dried oregano 50g
Dried oregano 50g Dried oregano 50g This aromatic plant should not be remembered only to be used for cooking, it also has many therapeutic properties. Along with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins the plant... € 2,52
Mint leaves 50g
Mint leaves 50g Mint leaves 50g The mint has sedative properties and disinfectant and is a perfect natural remedy in case of gastro-intestinal disorders, cough and cold. € 2,92
Salvia 50g
Salvia 50g Salvia 50g Sage are particularly well known for her anti-inflammatory properties, balsamic, digestive and expectorant. It also is able to treat painful menstrual syndrome and menopausal problems (especially... € 2,92
Hot pepper flakes 50g
Hot pepper flakes 50g Hot pepper flakes 50g The best chili dried and comminuted to maintain all of its features Ideal for enhancing any kind of dish € 2,64
Oregano Italian branch
Oregano Italian branch Oregano Italian branch - 40 Gr. Italian dried oregano and collected in bunches in order to preserve the flavor and intense fragrance, so as to enrich many dishes as the sauce for pizza and many first... Single Piece € 3,15 Offer 5 pieces € 14,70
Pine nuts
Pine nuts Their use in the kitchen is certainly rich, their presence is found in various food preparations, from pasta dishes (pesto alla genovese) to second courses and pies (grandmother's cake). Pine nuts... Single Piece € 3,74 Box 12 Pieces € 43,68
Saffron It is the most precious spice, sought after and appreciated, with a delicate bitter taste and an exotic scent. Give the dishes an unmistakable yellow-orange color. Saffron - 0,32 g - Cultivated in the... Single Piece € 3,96 Box 12 Pieces € 46,20
Bomba Calabrese Gr. 180
Bomba Calabrese Gr. 180 A Mix of Hot peppers chopped and mixed with eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, salt, extra virgin olive oil, various vegetables and mushrooms. A blend of tasty ingredients and all carefully selected to offer... € 5,50
Necklace Peppers
Necklace Peppers Necklace Peppers - 60 Gr. Decorative composition of chillies yarns by hand to form a necklace that adorns the kitchen fragrance and color. Single Piece € 5,50 Offer 5 pieces € 25,85
Grilled onions
Grilled onions Borretane grilled onions in sunflower oil: we select the best products of the earth to prepare delicious food preserves following, wisely, the rural tradition. CAPACITY 580 ml NET WEIGHT 550 g WEIGHT... Single Piece € 6,38 Carton 6 Pieces € 36,85