Struffoli (500 Gr)

Brand: Pasticceria Linda

Ean: 0643845855857

A fa ‘e struffoli è nu sfizio.
Cumminciamm dall’inizio:
faje na pasta sopraffina,
e po’ tagliala a palline,
cu na bona nfarinata.
Dopp’a frje. Già t’e stancate?
Chest è a parte chiù importante!
Mò ce vo’: miele abbondante
e na granda cucuzzata
(a cocozza nzuccherata).
N’è fernuto ancora, aspiette!
S’anna mettere ‘e cunfiette:
aggrazziate, piccerille,
culurate: ‘e diavulille…
Ma qua nfierno, è Paraviso!
Iamme, falle nu’ surriso!
Comme dice? “Mamma mia,
stanne troppi ccalurie
so’ pesante, fanno male?”
Si va buò,ma è Natale!

Struffoli are the desserts there are Neapolitan. A puff on a par with the pasta and the famous, and certainly more of baba, of Polish origin. Who invented the struffoli? Not the Neapolitans, despite their legendary creativity. It seems that in the Gulf of Naples, we have brought them the Greeks, at the time of Partenope. It derives from the greek name "struffolo": precisely the word "strongoulos" rounded. Also in greek, the word "pristòs" means cut. For similarity, a "strongoulos pristòs," a round ball cut: namely the struffolo, in Magna Graecia became "strangolapre (Fri) yourself": the name given to the super-compact dumplings, able to "strangle" the greedy members of the clergy. Since the lack of certainty stimulates the imagination, someone else has invented struffolo that comes from rubbing: the gesture that makes those who work the dough, roll it to a cylinder before cutting it into small balls. There are those who mistakenly believes that the struffolo call so because "scrub" the palate in the sense that it tickles, for his goodness. And even those who think that the root of struffoli is to connect with lard (the type of fat with which they were originally made ​​and where they were fried) If it is not yet clear on which etymology - or which country - come struffoli (there is also those who gives birth in the Middle East), is back where it should be clear: the first in our bellies, and then on the sides (if you have swallowed too much). Well known is also their path: struffoli have gone across Central and Southern Italy

We propose in packs of 500 gr and 1 kg

Duration: 5 / 6 days

Delivery will be made in 5 / 6 days whereas all our products are fresh products as they come immediately after ordination. Our desserts are prepared exclusively in the traditional way using only top quality ingredients, with the intent to satisfy the palates of our customers.

Single Piece € 24,20
Offer 2,5 Kg € 108,90

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