Torta Caprese with Lemon (KG. 1)

Brand: Pasticceria Dolce Vita

Ean: 0643845851422

The original recipe of Capri does not use flour or yeast. This is a very special cake consistency. The "secret" is all in the process that must take in more 'air as possible to not have the effect of "brick".

We propose a package of 1 kg and you can choose between the variant with lemon or chocolate

Duration: 15 days

Delivery will be made in 5 / 6 days whereas all our products are fresh products as they come immediately after ordination. Our desserts are prepared exclusively in the traditional way using only top quality ingredients, with the intent to satisfy the palates of our customers.

Single Piece € 31,90
Torta Caprese Lemon 2 Kg € 58,30

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