Youdreamitaly was born from my work experience gained in the field of international trade and from a strong passion for the food sector. Proud of good Neapolitan cuisine, with this e-commerce I propose only niche and high quality products. All suppliers are carefully selected to guarantee customers only refined and tasty ingredients.

Eager to offer a wide selection of typically Campania items, not only in the national market, but also, where possible in Europe and overseas, she inspired me to the point of inducing me to launch a showcase on the world open 24 hours a day non-stop. I am thrilled by the idea that anyone in the world can taste the excellence of my range or prepare exquisite dishes with the products purchased on the store site. Every day the customers of Caputo flour increase, considered among the best flours for making Neapolitan pizza. The ABC of the best-selling products on are, in addition to Caputo flour .:

 i San Marzano DOP - the Mozzarella di Bufala D.O.P - the Pasta di Gragnano.

Eating well is a habit that I inherited from my dear mother Giovanna and from my father Federico who, even today, when they shop are not satisfied with the first retailer, but go in search of the best. In my opinion, the Latin formula: "De gustobus non disputandum est" is true up to a certain point, because I believe that when something is indisputably good, it is for everyone. If you don't believe me, then I invite you to trust my tastes or at least to try.

My Mission? Quality of products and service !! We arrive everywhere and in record time with UPS, in Italy in 24 hours - in Europe in 48 hours. If you are outside of Europe, contact me and I will provide you with a shipping quote and a delivery time.
Visit my site, order something, let yourself be tempted and ..... please, give me your feedback. On you will find the products divided by categories such as: ARTISAN COFFEE, PIENNOLO DOP TOMATOES, NEAPOLITAN SWEETS, CILENTO OIL etc .. and if you are not an Internet expert, call me at 3492659635 or send me an e- mail to and I will always be at your disposal.

Maria Gabriella Russo



  • Flour & Bakery

    FarDolci - Freshening of Mother Yeast - Type 00 Dalla Giovanna 1 Kg.

    FarDolci - Freshening of Mother Yeast Soft wheat flour type 00 * By selecting and mixing the best grains, washed and slowly cold ground, a flour is created specifically designed for the refreshment... Pezzo singolo € 2,75 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 24,75
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Kit Pink Pack

    Everything you need for the preparation of the famous and timeless Neapolitan Pastiera. You have to add only fresh products and follow the recipe well highlighted on the Grano Chirico label. Package... Pezzo singolo € 15,95 offerta 3 Kit € 45,56
  • Beers

    Karma Roxy Beer 75cl + Free Glass

    Beer brewed with barley, wheat and oat malt. Particular the spiciness with the addition of coriander and pink pepper. Straw yellow color, slightly veiled. White, fine and persistent foam. On the nose light... Pezzo singolo € 9,90 Offerta 3 KIT € 28,06
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Antico Forno Pastiera Cake 1,250 Kg.

    A traditional dessert that cannot be missing on the Easter Sunday table: the Neapolitan Pastiera! The shortcrust pastry with the addition of lard that will not weigh down the base, but will give a more... Pezzo singolo € 38,50 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 104,99
  • Flour & Bakery

    Antico Forno Casatiello 1.5 Kg.

    The Neapolitan casatiello! Similar in dough to that of bread but flavored with a filling of salami like Naples and Pecorino, as well as a generous sprinkling of pepper, the Neapolitan casatiello is a rustic... Pezzo singolo € 34,65 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 94,49
  • Flour & Bakery

    Antico Forno Escarole Pizza 1.5 Kg.

    Do you know the escarole pizza? This delicious stuffed pizza originates from the Campania culinary tradition and is often prepared during the holidays. As with all traditional recipes, there are many... Pezzo singolo € 34,65 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 94,49
  • Flour & Bakery

    Decorì Brewer's yeast.

    Decorì brewer's yeast leavenes 15% more than the average of the other best-selling yeasts and is enriched with vitamin C. The 8gr dose corresponds exactly to a 25 g cube of fresh yeast. Ingredients yeast... Pezzo singolo € 1,88 Cartone 30 Pezzi € 51,29
  • Flour & Bakery

    Le Farine Magiche flour + yeast 1000 Gr.

    It has the right balance between flour and yeast and allows leavening that is always perfect and superior to other flours, because it contains 3 different types of yeast. It is naturally dried and has... Pezzo singolo € 3,30 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 29,99
  • Flour & Bakery

    Refractory stone

    Refractory stone Dimensions of 34x34x28cm The stone is the ideal size for ovens and barbecues. Pezzo singolo € 36,39 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 103,98
  • Liqueurs & Spirits

    Babà Re - Liqueur with rum and pieces of babà - 500 ml -

    Baba Re Made with very fine alcoholic cream of milk pieces of babà and a selection of refined Caribbean rum. Ingredients Only high quality raw materials including the finest alcohol and a... Pezzo singolo € 17,97 Cartone 6 pezzi € 100,04
  • Flour & Bakery

    Caputo Flour Pasticceria Kg. 5

    CAPUTO PASTICCERIA MEHL SWEET CHRISTMAS SHORTBREAD TYPE 00 NEAPOLITAN PASTIERA Ideal für die Herstellung von Gebäck, Torten, Biskuit und ofengebackenen Kuchen. Die zur Herstellung dieses... Pezzo singolo € 8,30 Offerta 3 Pezzi ( Kg. 15 ) € 22,88
  • Wines, Sparkling & Champagne

    Red wine JANARE Aglianico Sannio D.O.P - La Guardiense

    Red wine JANARE Aglianico Sannio D.O.P - La Guardiense Grapes: AGLIANICO 100% Provenance: Sannio Beneventano - Campania Alcohol content: 13.8% Format: 0.75 Lt Harvest time: second half of October VINIFICATION:... Pezzo singolo € 8,54 Cartone da 6 Pezzi € 48,80