After placing the order, the customer will decide how to pay, the following are the different modes:

1- Mark (Only for shipments ITALY): The cash payment will be paid directly to the courier upon delivery.
This service has an additional cost of 7.00 €.

2- Bank Transfer: Bank details to make a bank transfer are as follows:
MA.FE. di Russo Maria Gabriella
IBAN:  IT04X0306903491100000004259
Codice Swift (BIC Code):  BCITITMM
The goods will be sent only when the bank will be credited on our bank accounts

3- Postepay (Only for shipments ITALY): The payment must be made on the card number
4023600940843735 headed to Maria Gabriella Russo tax code RSSMGB75P47F839E.

4- Payment by PayPal charge
To make payment by Paypal you need is a Paypal account active, proceed in the order and select the payment through Paypal.

5- Payment by Credit Card
If payment for the goods purchased on the site is made by credit card, the customer inserts the card data directly. From the site, will be redirected to a secure page of our website which will be responsible for the payment transaction and where you can use the details of your credit card to complete the payment. The page is provided by Paypal which is responsible for receiving payments for the site www.youdreamitaly.comt; the connection is encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology and is therefore completely safe; no data on the credit card used for payment is sent to the site After entering the data of the Credit Card, going ahead with the transaction, sent two e-mails to the email address you indicated during registration.
- The email confirming the transaction banking;
- The mail order receipt executed.
 Will be accepted from the following circuits:


  • Flour & Bakery

    Caputo Flour Pasticceria Kg. 5

    CAPUTO PASTICCERIA MEHL SWEET CHRISTMAS SHORTBREAD TYPE 00 NEAPOLITAN PASTIERA Ideal für die Herstellung von Gebäck, Torten, Biskuit und ofengebackenen Kuchen. Die zur Herstellung dieses... Pezzo singolo € 7,49 Offerta 3 Pezzi ( Kg. 15 ) € 21,32
  • Flour & Bakery

    Flour Caputo Nuvola Kg. 5

    The flour Nuvola del Molino Caputo, is a new type 0 flour that allows highly hydrating dough, very enjoyable and which gives the pizza a richly airy cornice typical of the Neapolitan-style round pizza. It... Pezzo singolo € 9,98 Offerta 3 Pezzi ( Kg. 15 ) € 27,56
  • Flour & Bakery

    Caputo flour "Grano Nostrum" type '0' Kg. 1 - 100% Italian grains

    Soft Wheat Flour Type "0" - 100% Italian grains The new 100% GRANI ITALIANI CAPUTO flour is the result of a work carried out in several hands with SOUTH ITALY FARMERS - to select the GRAIN... Pezzo singolo € 1,97 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 18,72
  • Flour & Bakery

    Caputo Flour Fioreglut Gluten Free Kg. 5

    Caputo flour FioreGlut KG 5 Gluten-free flour Flour with calibrated particle size, for easy hydration, excellent workability. For soft doughs that retain lightness and flavor after baking. Perfectly... Pezzo singolo € 31,35 Offerta 15 Kg € 91,30
  • Flour & Bakery

    Kit Mordi & Fuggi - Caputo rice flower + Frienn oil

    Mordi & Fuggi kit consisting of: 2 Flour Fior di Riso Mulino Caputo 1 FRIENN frying oil from Olitalia Perfect combination to obtain dry frying, WITHOUT BAD SMELLS, FRIED WITH A LIGHT CRISPY... Pezzo singolo € 24,99 Offerta 3 KIT € 72,60
  • Oil, Vinegar & Condiments

    Sicilia IGP oil 0,5 Lt - OLIO BARBERA

    The Barbera IGP Sicilia oil is cold pressed in Sicily. The olives are pressed within 48 hours of harvesting and the extraction is carried out with a continuous cycle plant. Filtering is carried out using... Pezzo singolo € 9,36 Cartone 6 Pezzi € 54,08
  • Main Brands

    Pistachio liqueur cream 20% - Perle di Sole

    Pistachio cream 20% - 500 ml - The cream has a dense consistency, with a strong and typical pistachio flavor. Ingredients: milk, sugar, alcohol, flavorings, colorings: E150a, E102, E131 Pezzo singolo € 15,00 Cartone 6 pezzi € 84,00
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    Pacchetella of "Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP" - La Torrente

    Pacchetella of "Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP" Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, PDO since 2009, is an ancient Vesuvian culture that owes its name to the peasants' custom... Pezzo singolo € 4,33 Cartone da 6 Pezzi € 23,60
  • Flour & Bakery

    Dry yeast 100% Italian - Mulino Caputo

    High activity dry yeast. Doses of use: 1/3 compared to fresh yeast Ingredients: Baking yeast, (Saccharomyces), Emulsifier (Sorbitan Monostearate E491) Once the package is opened, close the plastic... Pezzo singolo € 4,62 € 2,64 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 25,85
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    Pacchetelle fillets 400 gr. Gustarosso

    Our beloved pacchetelle have ancient origins: every year, in fact, in the courtyards and farms of the whole South Italy there was the processing of tomato preserves. A real event, that of making "butteglie",... Pezzo singolo € 2,49 Cartone 12 Pezzi € 28,08
  • Flour & Bakery

    Rice flour - Mulino Caputo Kg. 1

    FIOR DI RISO: rice flour excellent for dusting, exceptional for frying because it does not absorb oil and does not add flavor and perfect everywhere: even in confectionery, for creams and puddings! From... Pezzo singolo € 4,40 € 3,52 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 34,10
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    DATTERINI WITH BASIL - CHIRICO - Package 12 Pieces

    Tomatoes "Datterini" Red with Basil. Tomato datterino whole in tomato juice with basil, precooked in final glass packaging Ingredients Tomato Datterino, Tomato Juice, Basil (0.3%). Net... € 33,80 € 16,90
  • In oil | Preserves | Legumes | Cereals

    Broccoli Neapolitan | Frijarielli Kg. 1

    Broccoli Neapolitan Neapolitan slang called Frijarielli (Kg 1) ingredients: Broccoli, Sunflower Seed Oil, Salt, Garlic, Chilli, Citric Acid. € 11,00 € 9,00