For shipments to Italy avails itself of the collaboration of the UPS, GLS, NEXIVE and LICCARDI CURRIER couriers.
Delivery times in Italy are 24 hours at most 48 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday).
There will also be a slightly more expensive express delivery, perhaps usable for fresh products.
For abroad uses the collaboration of the UPS and GLS couriers.
Delivery times for standard shipments are 48/72 hours for Europe. Remote areas may be serviced with greater timing.
It is also possible to export EXPRESS shipping abroad, which guarantees delivery within 24/48 hours in Europe, at a slightly higher cost.

Up to Kg. 1,5 --- €. 6.50
From 1.5 Kg. To 3 Kg --- €. 8.00
From 3 Kg. To 6 Kg --- €. 8.50
From 6 Kg. To 10 Kg --- €. 11,50
From 10 Kg. Onwards --- €. 13,00
We offer free transport only in ITALY for expenses over €. 150.00
*** Except for the flour we reserve the right to evaluate the shipping costs based on the Kg. Of product purchased ***

EUROPEAN SHIPPING COST 1 (France, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Republic of Wales, Luxembourg, Principality of Monaco, Holland, Netherlands, Portugal (except Azores and Madeira), Scotland, Wales, Spain, Austria, Northern Ireland)
From 0 to 1.5 kg the cost is €. 15,00
From 1.5 to 3 Kg. The cost is €. 16.5
From 3 to 5 Kg. The cost is €. 18,50
From 5 to 10 Kg. The cost is €. 21,00
and so on......

EUROPEAN SHIPPING COST 2 (Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Rep. Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Rep., Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary)
From 0 to 1.5 kg the cost is €. 17,50
From 1.5 to 3 Kg. The cost is €. 19,50
From 3 to 5 Kg. The cost is €. 21,00
From 5 to 10 Kg. The cost is €. 25,00
and so on......

SHIPPING COST EUROPE 3 (Bulgary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania)
From 0 to 1.5 kg the cost is €. 19,50
From 1.5 to 3 Kg. The cost is €. 22,50
From 3 to 5 Kg. The cost is €. 23,50
From 5 to 10 Kg. The cost is €. 27,00
and so on......

SHIPPING COST AREA 6 (Norway, Andorra, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Guernsey & Jersey)
From 0 to 1.5 kg the cost is €. 32,00
From 1.5 to 3 Kg. The cost is €. 32,00
From 3 to 5 Kg. The cost is €. 32,00
From 5 to 10 Kg. The cost is €. 35,00
and so on......

We always offer the possibility to select, at a slightly higher cost, an UPS EXPRESS shipment that delivers throughout Europe in 24/48 working hours. Excellent choice for fresh products (Mozzarella, cheese, fresh desserts etc)

The price refers to each package shipped with a maximum weight of 65 Kg. So it is convenient, to optimize the cost of transport, compose packs of 65 kg.

From 0 to 1.5 kg the cost is €. 39,00
From 1.5 to 3 Kg. The cost is €. 42,00
From 3 to 5 Kg. The cost is €. 55,00
From 5 to 10 Kg. The cost is €. 85,00
and so on......

*** Any additional costs (Remote Areas eg Grece Islands, Spanish Islands) will be communicated by customer care

Below is a map with standard UPS delivery times to European destinations.
Outside of Europe, delivery is always expressed in 72/96 hours (see USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China etc ...):

Fresh products (mozzarella, cheese, piennolo del vesuvio, pastry items) are shipped in Italy until Wednesday, in EUROPE until Tuesday. This is to avoid possible overlaps of the weekend and unnecessary stops at the couriers' warehouses. All other non-perishable items are shipped every day from Monday to Friday.

An automatic mail will notify the shipment tracking.

The shipping costs will be automatically calculated when placing the order if the buyer completes the order on the site, otherwise the same will be counted by our customer service and communicated to the customer.
The courier will deliver the goods directly to the address indicated at the time of purchase. If the delivery does not take place successfully (in the event that the customer is absent at the time of delivery), the customer will be contacted by the forwarder who will be automatically delivered the next day. After 48 hours, if the customer is still absent, the goods are stored up to a maximum of 10 days. is not responsible for any delays attributable to the fault of the shipper. Especially for perishable items (Mozzarella, fresh desserts etc) Youdreamitaly can not be held responsible for any delays due to factors not inherent to your organization.

Upon receipt of the package, we invite you to check:
• that the number of packages indicated on the consignment note is actually the number delivered;
• that the package is intact and undamaged; any complaints must be reported to the courier, indicating on the waybill that you sign for collection, the words Withdrawal subject to scrutiny, otherwise the parcel will be deemed to have been delivered correctly.
• Even if the packaging is intact, the goods must be checked within ten days of receipt. Any hidden anomalies, must be reported in writing by fax or registered letter a.r .. Any report beyond the aforesaid terms, will not be taken into consideration. For each declaration, the customer assumes full responsibility for what has been declared

For consistent orders, it will be communicated by mail the difference in shipping cost.
For Extra-Cee shipments (United States, Switzerland, Norway etc) the costs of import duties are charged to the customer and cannot be quantified in advance. It will be the duty of the customs officer to communicate its value.

In case of breakage of the goods during transport, we invite you to keep the packaging and the damaged goods to allow the courier inspector to make the technical assessments and ascertain their responsibilities. Only and only in the presence of this circumstance, it will be possible to open a claim against the carrier who has taken charge of our goods.


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