• Flour & Bakery

    Criscito Kg. 1 + Dry Yeast Gr. 100 - Mulino Caputo

    Mother Yeast | Caputo Criscito - 1 Kg Dry Yeast Gr. 100. Sold in a single kit to guarantee the best digestible, cellular, tasty and best preservable dough. Directly from Naples, and from the best... Pezzo singolo € 12,00 Offerta 3 Kit € 33,55
  • Flour & Bakery

    Flour Caputo Pizzeria Kg. 1

    Caputo soft wheat flour Type 00 blue pizzeria Flour with elastic and resistant gluten, ideal for light to perfect dough mixtures. Ideal for the classic Neapolitan pizza. Among the most used flours... Pezzo singolo € 1,99 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 18,72
  • Mozzarella & Cheese

    Provolone del Monaco - Slice 500 Gr.

    Provolone del Monaco is made from the milk of cows. A typical product of Agerola and is obtained from a six-month standing in cave The size of the forms should be such that, at the end of seasoning,... Pezzo singolo € 19,24 Offerta 6 pezzi € 109,20
  • Chocolate & Creme

    Chocolate egg with almond-flavored nougat - Strega Alberti

    Chocolate egg with almond-flavored nougat Made with minimum 30% cocoa in chocolate INGREDIENTS: Milk chocolate (Sugar, powdered milk, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, emulsifier: soya lecithin, aroma - nougat... Pezzo singolo € 21,45 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 60,50
  • Main Brands

    Orange Flavored Hard Candies 1000 Gr. - Perle di Sole

    HARD BOILED CANDIES WITH ORANGE FLAVOUR AND FILLED WITH SOUR POWDER INGREDIENTS: sugar, glucose syrup, acids (E330, E296), dextrose, natural blood orange flavouring, colour (E160c). NON GMO. GLUTEN... Pezzo singolo € 22,00 Offerta 6 Pezzi € 107,99
  • Main Brands

    Lemon flavored hard candies - Perle di Sole

    HARD BOILED CANDIES WITH LEMON FLAVOUR AND FILLED WITH SOUR POWDER INGREDIENTS: sugar, glucose syrup,dextrose, acid (E330), natural lemon flavouring with other natural flavourings, colour (E100). NON... Pezzo singolo € 4,49 Offerta 6 Pezzi € 24,00
  • Main Brands

    O' Limoncello - Casa Vivese '987 with case with handle

    O' LIMONCELLO di CASA VIVESE Typical lemons liqueur from Procida island. Produced with traditional method, strictly using the original recipe which provides the infusion in alcohol of lemon zest.... Pezzo singolo € 16,40 Cartone 6 pezzi € 94,00
  • Main Brands

    L'Amaro - Casa Vivese '987

    L'AMARO di CASA VIVESE Aromatic herbs liqueur from Mediterranean. Produced in traditional way, through the natural infusion in alcohol of an accurate selection of 21 herbs and typical flavourings. Only... Pezzo singolo € 17,90 Cartone 6 pezzi € 103,00
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Neapolitan Pastiera Cylinder "Chirico"

    Great News: "Chirico" Neapolitan Pastry Cylinder The cylinder with ingredients dosed for the Neapolitan Pastiera. Cylinder containing ingredients for the realization of the classic cake Neapolitan,... Pezzo singolo € 6,10 Offerta 4 Pezzi € 23,42
  • Main Brands

    Piennolo tomatoes Vesuvius DOP in tin Gr. 400

    Tomatoes Piennolo Vesuvius DOP Tin The tomatoes Piennolo Vesuvius DOP Valgrì are kept whole, immersed in their own juice in convenient packaging in tin. The Tomato Piennolo of Vesuvius DOP... Pezzo singolo € 4,00 Cartone 12 Pezzi € 44,72
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Pastiera Napoletana (1 Kg)

    THE ORIGINAL PASTIERA AVAILABLE IN 24/48 HOURS. It's sold in packs of 1 Kg and 2 Kg. You can also order different sizes up to 3 Kg writing to or calling +39 3492659635 ... Pezzo singolo € 27,50 Pastiera Napoletana (2 Kg) € 52,80
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Sfogliatella Riccia (6 Pieces)

    The cake that represents the Neapolitans in the world. Anyone who has passed through the city of Naples could not resist the temptation to taste one of the most famous desserts in the world: a sfugliatell... Pezzo singolo € 16,00 Sfogliatella Riccia ( 12 Pezzi ) € 30,25