• Flour & Bakery

    Flour Caputo Nuvola Kg. 1

    The flour Nuvola del Molino Caputo, is a new type 0 flour that allows highly hydrating dough, very enjoyable and which gives the pizza a richly airy cornice typical of the Neapolitan-style round pizza. It... Pezzo singolo € 2,86 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 26,00
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Struffoli with Honey (300 Gr) Packaged

    Neapolitan Struffoli, handcrafted by Pasticceria Reale Naples, are typical Neapolitan Christmas sweets, made up of several balls of sweet dough, fried and sprinkled with honey. Finally, decorate with candied... Pezzo singolo € 10,98 Offerta 5 Pezzi € 51,70
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Black Sicilian Panettone with Modica chocolate

    The Pandoro with Modica chocolate and chili pepper comes from a fragrant mixture of cocoa, obtained from a slow leavening and an accurate processing. Inside, a filling of soft Modica chocolate cream,... Pezzo singolo € 16,50 Offerta 3 pezzi € 46,75
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Neapolitan Pastiera Kit GRANO CHIRICO

    Neapolitan Pastiera Kit All you need for the preparation of the famous and timeless Neapolitan Pastiera. You only need to add fresh products and follow the well-highlighted recipe on the Grano Chirico... Pezzo singolo € 13,42 Offerta 3 KIT € 37,82
  • Oil, Vinegar & Condiments

    Sicilia IGP oil 0,5 Lt - OLIO BARBERA

    The Barbera IGP Sicilia oil is cold pressed in Sicily. The olives are pressed within 48 hours of harvesting and the extraction is carried out with a continuous cycle plant. Filtering is carried out using... Pezzo singolo € 9,36 Cartone 6 Pezzi € 54,08
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Mostaccioli with chestnuts 200 Gr.

    The mostaccioli blacks stuffed with rum are the Christmas cakes of the characteristic rhombus shape covered with an inviting chocolate glaze. The term "mostaccioli" comes from the word "must",... Pezzo singolo € 3,85 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 36,30
  • Mushrooms & Truffles

    Grappa liqueur with Porcini mushrooms Cl 20 - Vol 40% -

    Product characterized by white grappa and mushrooms. For a perfect tasting it is recommended to store in a cool place, away from light or heat sources. INGREDIENTS: Grappa, Porcini mushroom concentrate 200... Pezzo singolo € 14,64 Offerta 3 Bottiglie € 40,26
  • Main Brands

    Tomato Lapillo Red In wooden display Kg. 1,5

    LAPILLO ROSSO of 1.5 kg sold in wooden box (Exhibitor) Excellent for first courses with fresh tomatoes. A lot of fresh pizza was used in the Neapolitan pizzerias. it is characterized by a sour taste... Pezzo singolo € 29,12 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 79,04
  • Main Brands

    Pistachio liqueur cream 20% - Perle di Sole

    Pistachio cream 20% - 500 ml - The cream has a dense consistency, with a strong and typical pistachio flavor. Ingredients: milk, sugar, alcohol, flavorings, colorings: E150a, E102, E131 Pezzo singolo € 15,00 Cartone 6 pezzi € 84,00
  • Main Brands

    Limoncello Flavored Confetti - Perle di Sole

    MILK CHOCOLATE CONFETTI FILLED WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE LEMON FLAVORED INGREDIENTES: MILK chocolate (50%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK in powder, cocoa mass, WHEY in powder, emulsifier: SOY lecithin,... Pezzo singolo € 7,19 Offerta 6 Pezzi € 42,00
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Panettone naturally risen with sour cherry and STREGA liqueur - iMarigliano

    Panettone Amarena and cream flavored with liqueur Strega Naturally leavened dough with Bourbon vanilla berries, filled with candied black cherries and Strega flavored cream. Weight: Kg. 1 Pezzo singolo € 35,20 Offerta 3 pezzi € 102,30
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies


    THE PANDORO WITH A WITCH CREAM we have created an excellent Pandoro stuffed with cream flavored with the Liquore Strega, to give a touch of magic to one of the most beloved sweets in the Christmas period. Weight:... Pezzo singolo € 24,20 Offerta 3 pezzi € 70,40
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies

    Panettone Sicilian Cassata

    From the old Sicilian tradition the new panettone is enriched with ricotta cream and chocolate drops to offer a particular dessert, with a strong flavor. The panettone cassata Dais is a delicious moment... Pezzo singolo € 16,50 Offerta 3 pezzi € 46,75
  • Biscuits, Sweets & Candies


    PANETTONE ARTISAN A RISING NATURAL Stuffed Lemon Nobis Panettone Stuffed Artisan Limone Soft Panettone homemade sourdough with stuffed heart with Lemon Cream. For enjoying a truly unique taste... Pezzo singolo € 20,90 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 57,75