CRAL Regione campania (CRALDER)

Benefits CRAL Campania RegionMA.FE. Maria Gabriella Russo, whose name the e-commerce platform offers for all members of the CRAL Campania Region the opportunity to purchase the full range of products listed on the site by applying a discount of 10% . In addition, for expenses in excess of €. 50.00 transport will be free for all targets Bells .The mode of acquisition is very simple and the whole area will be indicated in a Partner is clearly visible on the site.However,...

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  • Tea & Coffee

    Coffee Kimbo Gusto di Napoli 250g

    High quality coffee, roasted according to the authentic Neapolitan tradition. KIMBO Gusto di Napoli was born from the Neapolitan passion for coffee. The best origins of Arabica and Robusta and the typical... Pezzo singolo € 3,35 Offerta 20 Pezzi € 58,56
  • Main Brands

    The Perfume of the Coast Kit - Perle di Sole

    The Perfume of the Coastal Perle di Sole kit consisting of: - Confetti with limoncello Gr. 150 - Liqueur with limoncello Gr. 150 - Lemon candies Gr. 200 - limoncello 500 CC. 30% Volume - Morbidello... Pezzo singolo € 29,99 Offerta 3 KIT € 85,99
  • Flour & Bakery

    Super Bundle Mulino Caputo

    Super Bundle Mulino Caputo consisting of 10 main items, household use, of the notorious Neapolitan Mill. Kit consisting of: - Caputo Nuvola flour Kg. 1 - Flour Caputo Pizzeria Kg. 1 - Caputo flour... Pezzo singolo € 17,50 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 49,99
  • Pasta, Rice & Prepared

    Spaghettini with anchovy sauce 250 Gr

    Category: Long Pasta Spaghettini alla colatura di alici are a type of pasta created by Paisanella. They have a smaller shape than the Spaghettone. What makes them special is the addition of the typical... Pezzo singolo € 4,37 Cartone 12 Pezzi € 49,92
  • Liqueurs & Spirits

    Babà Re - Liqueur with rum and pieces of babà - 500 ml -

    Baba Re Made with very fine alcoholic cream of milk pieces of babà and a selection of refined Caribbean rum. Ingredients Only high quality raw materials including the finest alcohol and a... Pezzo singolo € 17,97 Cartone 6 pezzi € 100,04
  • Pasta, Rice & Prepared

    Kit Gragnano Pasta + Chirico Datterini

    Kit consisting of: 500 Gr. Spaghetti from Gragnano 500 Gr. Linguine a Piett and Palumm of Gragnano 500 Gr. Calamarata di Gragnano 500 Gr. Paccheri from Gragnano 2 Datterini WITH BASIL - CHIRICO 2... Pezzo singolo € 14,99 Offerta 3 Kit € 43,68
  • Flour & Bakery

    Flour Caputo Nuvola Kg. 5

    The flour Nuvola del Molino Caputo, is a new type 0 flour that allows highly hydrating dough, very enjoyable and which gives the pizza a richly airy cornice typical of the Neapolitan-style round pizza. It... Pezzo singolo € 11,23 Offerta 3 Pezzi ( Kg. 15 ) € 32,24
  • Flour & Bakery

    Caputo flour "Grano Nostrum" type '0' Kg. 1 - 100% Italian grains

    Soft Wheat Flour Type "0" - 100% Italian grains The new 100% GRANI ITALIANI CAPUTO flour is the result of a work carried out in several hands with SOUTH ITALY FARMERS - to select the GRAIN... Pezzo singolo € 1,97 Cartone 10 Pezzi € 18,72
  • Oil, Vinegar & Condiments

    Sicilia IGP oil 0,5 Lt - OLIO BARBERA

    The Barbera IGP Sicilia oil is cold pressed in Sicily. The olives are pressed within 48 hours of harvesting and the extraction is carried out with a continuous cycle plant. Filtering is carried out using... Pezzo singolo € 9,36 Cartone 6 Pezzi € 54,08
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    Pesto of Neapolitan Broccoli – Glass 190 g - "O Sol e Napule"

    Pesto of Neapolitan Broccoli – Glass 190 g - "O Sol e Napule" INGREDIENTS: Neapolitan broccoli (30%), water, sunflower oil (28%), extra virgin olive oil (3.9%), salt, thickener (modified... Pezzo singolo € 3,30 Cartone 12 Pezzi € 36,30
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    Tomato Lapillo Red Kg. 1.5

    LAPILLO ROSSO of 1.5 kg sold in cardboard packaging Excellent for first courses with fresh tomatoes. A lot of fresh pizza was used in the Neapolitan pizzerias. it is characterized by a sour taste typical... Pezzo singolo € 21,84 Offerta 3 Pezzi € 62,40
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    Pacchetella of "Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP" - La Torrente

    Pacchetella of "Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP" Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, PDO since 2009, is an ancient Vesuvian culture that owes its name to the peasants' custom... Pezzo singolo € 4,33 Cartone da 6 Pezzi € 23,60