Antico Forno Black Forest Colomba 1,2 KG.

Brand: Antico Forno

Ean: 8057288930644

It is a cloud of butter, eggs and flour covered with a dark chocolate glaze, at the first bite, it makes you perceive a light crunchiness followed by an incredible softness! Inside our 1 kg colomba 100% live mother yeast, our colomba is very rich but refined in taste and extremely digestible thanks to the long leavening and the use of high quality raw materials. It is 100% handmade and therefore made entirely by hand.

Flour 00, Water, Eggs, Butter, Sugar, Dark chocolate drops, Glucose, Cocoa butter, Cocoa, Hazelnuts, Milk powder,
Natural yeast, Natural flavors, Honey, Salt.

Weight:1,2 Kg.

Supplier: Antico Forno

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