Cassata Napoletana (1,5 Kg)

Brand: Pasticceria Dolce Vita

Ean: 0643845851453

There is a difference between the cassata Sicilian and Neapolitan? Nobody knows !!! Yet both Naples and Palermo are often "challenged" the true authorship of this exquisite dessert. On the history of this legendary sweet rivers of ink have been written and are being addressed "softly" many historical and famous masters of pastry without going to a certain result. But it does not matter ... Naples or Palermo .a we just need to enjoy it !!!!

Our cassata comes as the pastiera (another typical Neapolitan pastry), and is NOT sponge, but entirely with ricotta.

The offer in packages of 1.5 kg and 2 kg.

Duration: 7/8 days

Delivery will be made in 5-6 days whereas all our products are FRESH as are produced immediately after ordering. Our desserts are prepared exclusively in the traditional way using only top quality ingredients, with the intent to satisfy the palates of our customers.

Single Piece € 30,80
Cassata from 2 Kg € 46,20

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