Dove Easter apricots of Vesuvius



"Pellecchiella" Vesuvius is the variety of apricot tree that makes this special dove. The characteristics of this fruit are the yellow-fleshed sweet, intense and yellow peel, which overlaps the red shaded. The tradition joins those who are the products of the territory; apricots Vesuvius guarantee an excellent result for this new dove. The dough has a traditional shower of pieces of apricots Vesuvius and the glaze preserves the features of the traditional dove made of sugar.

Ingredients: flour, butter, apricot Vesuvius 30% (apricots Vesuvius, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, citric acid E330), sugar, egg yolk, yeast, pasta orange (orange peel and glucose syrup sugar), honey, cocoa butter, salt, vanilla beans from Madagascar.

Icing: sugar, almonds, egg white, flour, semolina, cocoa, decorated with granulated sugar.


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