Flour San Felice type "00" for Bread Red (Red Bag 1 Kg) Until the stocks will be finished



Flour Bread Line 00: "Classic":

Flour of Wheat

Type "00" Red
kg: 1

The wheat flour Molino San Felice flour is most commonly used to prepare pizzas, stuffed, seasoned dough, leavened, rustic shortbread. The careful selection of the grains, the careful workmanship, rigorous checks, make the flour Molino San Felice, the perfect blend of science and nature of the research, in order to give the housewife a particularly simple and pure. It employs Molino San Felice flour for fried fish, for the white sauce without lumps and custard.


Calories 340.8 kcal / 1448 kJ
Total protein 8.9 g%
Total carbohydrates 74.4 g%
% Total Fat 0.98 g - saturated 0.21 g%
Cholesterol <0.1 mg / 100 g
Fibbra crude 0.3 g%
Calcium 17.0 mg / 100 g
Ferri 0.7 mg / 100 g
Sugar 1.3 g%
Sodium 3.0 mg / 100 g


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