Kit shopper Gragnano

Brand: Composizione Personale


Paper envelope Gragnano consists of:
Gr 500 Maccarun Rigati Gragnano - 500 gr o 'Tubettone Gragnano - 500 gr Conchiglioni giant Gragnano - 500 gr spaghetti Gragnano - BALLS TO THE TASTE OF PIZZA 150gr. - TARALLINI TO SEEDS FENNEL 150gr. - 500 gr Peeled Tomatoes Fontanella - 500 gr tomatoes hill Fontanella - No. 2 Wheels Size Pizza

Supplier: Composizione Personale

"The technical information, ingredients sheet, nutritional table are attached to the published object. If they are missing, you can request them by writing to"

€ 14,50
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