Long Pumpkin Jam


One of the typical products of the area of the province of Naples is the Zucca Long Cocozza Zuccarina or vegetable recipes typical of many of the local tradition .
From the characteristic elongated shape and narrow (also exceed 30 kg. Weighing and meter in length ) , with dyed orange peel and pulp with green stripes sweet taste and aroma , the " Cocozza " is a mine of mineral salts, sugars , vitamin C, beta-carotene , dietary fiber and potassium. And ' ideal in slimming diets because it gives a sense of satiety although it contains few calories and lends itself to many recipes , such as more typical of the area involving the use of " Cocozza " roasted with garlic and chilli , in the preparation of soups, stews or or in canned pasta and olive oil . The cultivation is carried out today by modern standards and quality-conscious , the collection takes place from July to September . Are derived from the seeds of the " seminchi " tasty pastime of late Sunday meal , rich in vitamin A.

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