Melliot Panettone with chocolate drops with salted caramel sac a poche 1 Kg.

Brand: Melliot


Panettone with salted caramel and drops of white chocolate without candied citrus fruit and without raisins. Naturally leavened baked confectionery product.
Naturally leavened product, low in shape, with pieces of salted caramel and drops of white chocolate. Obtained with natural yeast produced with the mother's system, using the procedure commonly considered typical of Milanese Panettone. The product highlights the typical superficial cuts and has a golden brown crust on the surface with slightly different shades of tones. Inside, the product has a characteristic honeycomb. The color of the baked dough is light brown. Perfume e
flavor are strongly characterized by salted caramel and white chocolate

Type "0" soft wheat flour, Butter (milk), Caramel drops with salted butter and salt (Sugar - Glucose syrup - Rehydrated whole milk powder - Fresh Isigny A.O.P. cream (9%) (pasteurized milk cream, lactic ferments) - Salted butter from Isigny A.O.P. (3.6%) (pasteurized milk cream, salt, lactic ferments) - Guérande PGI salt (1.2%) - Emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin) (10.5%) , White chocolate (Sugar - Cocoa butter - Whole milk powder - Whey powder - Emulsifier: soy lecithin - Natural vanilla extract) (9.5%), Sugar, Free range egg yolk, Natural yeast (Soft wheat flour type "0", Water), Water, Aromatic caramel (Glucose syrup, caramelized sugar) (2%), Honey, Emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids,
Salt, Whole milk powder, Natural flavor, Natural vanilla flavor. May contain mustard and nuts.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, sugar, whey powder, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, caramelized sugar, fleur de sal (0.4%), low-fat cocoa, (soy) lecithin, flavoring, coloring, coloring: paprika extract, antioxidant: rosemary extract and RE304. It may contain traces of gluten, nuts, egg and peanuts.

Weight in 1 kg pack.
panettone weight 800 Gr.
weight sac a poche 200 Gr.

Supplier: madò pasticcerie srl

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