Modica Cannabis Chocolate 100g - UCCARUCI

Modica Cannabis Chocolate 100g - UCCARUCI

Modica Cannabis Chocolate, made with a strictly cold-crafted process to avoid altering all the organoleptic characteristics.
After roasting the cocoa beans are ground, heated and then combined with the granulated sugar and other ingredients for a compound that during processing will not exceed the temperature of 40 ° so that the sugar crystals are not dissolved and the chocolate remains grainy, for a very special aroma and taste.
Uccaruci in Pachino is once again synonymous with great reliability. We have an offer that can satisfy every request.

Net weight 100g

COCOA PASTE 52% min.
Hemp 5%

Single Piece € 3,49
Not available
Offer 5 Pieces € 16,50
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