San Felice flour '0 'A.G. Manitoba ( bag America 1 Kg) Until the stocks will be finished



Flour for Pastry Type 0

Flour of Wheat

type "0" A.G. - Manitoba
kg: 1

The Americana is the queen of the fantastic world of fine flour pastry. It is produced by selecting and working carefully grains Canadian Manitoba - North Spring. The high protein content, better elasticity, the greater stability of the dough, make "The American" preferred by pastry chefs and artisans by housewives who prepare sweets. The American need to prepare croissants, puff pastry, browse curly, sponge cake, baba, fresh pasta, gnocchi and pizza. The Americana enhances the delicacy of your sweet and your ability to Confectioner.

Calories 338.3 kcal / 1436 kJ
Total protein 11.4 g%
Total carbohydrates 71.1 g%
% Total Fat 1.1 g - saturated 0.21 g%
Cholesterol <0.1 mg / 100 g
Fibbra crude 0.4 g%
Calcium 18.0 mg / 100 g
Ferri 0.7 mg / 100 g
Sugar 1.4 g%
Sodium 4.0 mg / 100 g

Maturities between March 2014 and June 2014


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