White nougat with almonds 500 gr

Brand: Gallucci

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Appreciated and consumed by the upper classes, as the poorest, torrone was already known in Roman times, as evidenced by some of the writings of the historian Livy. The Latin poet Martial tells us that cupedia was one of the specialties of the Sannio and not surprisingly the vendors of nougat are called "cupetari." The term "sweet" instead derives from the Latin torreo, a verb that means "toast", with reference to the roasting of hazelnuts and almonds. A Benevento, has always been the widespread production of nougat, an activity that was then extended to the whole province, which over the years has been distinguished by the continuous rise of many manufacturing centers of excellence, such as the towns of Santa Croce del Sannio and Montefalcone di Val Fortore. The fame of nougat Benevento, former enclave of the Papal States, spread especially in the seventeenth century, as, during the Christmas holidays, the product was even sent to Rome as a gift to prelates and senior figures in the capital. Not by chance that in the next century produced one of the specialties, a real treat, it was called just "nougat the Pope." But it was above all the Bourbons in 1800 to enhance the "cupeta Benevento" making it the product Chistmas and by initiating a tradition that has been handed down through the centuries to the present day. If we talk about "Torrone di Benevento" Today we refer to several varieties: the white one with almonds, nougat with hazelnuts cupedia white, the white soft Nougat with almonds and served with crunchy chocolate, typical of San Marco dei Cavoti; these nougat different tastes share some quality characteristic: they are very dry, sweet and crumbly. These products now represent a secondary resource in the economy of the province of Benevento and have the advantage of using local products and enhance some children, such as honey, representing, therefore, an important factor to stay in the area. In recent years there has been a rediscovery and revival of a nougat made it possible, in addition to the survival of the old artisan companies, the birth of many new companies perfectly integrated in the traditional vein. The classic nougat Benevento is a sweet from simple basic ingredients: egg whites, honey, hazelnuts and almonds. Soft or hard, white or chocolate, with almonds or hazelnuts, it is a delicacy from the superior flavor, almost regal. In it, art and tradition, past and present, come together in harmony: the choice of raw materials, processing and cooking are carried out, in fact, with the same care and dedication of the past. The use of methods of production craft and respect for ancient recipes to ensure product quality and authenticity. The adoption of technological innovations by manufacturers does not affect the qualitative result, but rather allows you to create new flavors and assortments increasingly varied, always respecting the traditional recipes.

Supplier: Gallucci

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