Antico Forno Zeppole San Giuseppe Desserts (2 Pieces)

Brand: Antico Forno

Ean: 8057288930705

Tasting our typical party sweets means wanting to travel through Neapolitan history, uses and customs. The vast Antico Forno repertoire extends from traditional dry and fresh pastries to classic regional specialties. Innovations such as mousses and semifreddos with a flavor rich in authenticity. Selection of filled cakes, the perfect combination of: the lightness of the leavened dough and the tasty creams that accompany it.

Bigne ': 00 flour, water, vegetable fats, salt; Cream: Water,
Sugar, Eggs, Flour 00, Whole milk powder, Vanillin,
Rhum; Candied sour cherries.

one pack contains 2 zeppole di San Giuseppe.

Single Piece € 5,50
offer 3 packs. € 14,99

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